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Shopify App and Theme Development tutorials for those who are familiar with code and want to dive into Shopify.

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Complete Guide to using MetaObjects in Shopify (WIP)

A bunch of different ways you can access and use MetaObjects in Shopify

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How to use Images from Metafields in Shopify Liquid

Using the new Shopify metafields for images with the image_url filter and accessing the image attributes

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The easy way to do the Shopify Storefront API (graphql with fetch)

Using JS Fetch to make a call to the Shopify Storefront API to get product data

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Creating a stylish comparison chart for Shopify with Design Packs

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Theme Development with the Shopify CLI (& GitHub)

The new Shopify theme development flow for Online Store 2.0

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How to access Metafields with the Storefront API

Creating authenticated mutations to access metafields via the Shopify Storefront API

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Related products with product_list (sections & metafields)

Create recommended products on the product page with sections and metafields and their new product_list options

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Adding Related Products to the Product Page with Vue.js

A big win for clients is having related or recommended products right on the product page. A big win for developers is being able to make the recommended products dynamic with the combo of Vue.js and metafields.

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